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Phase Shift Review

Phase Shift is an application designed by DWSK Ltd. Phase Shift was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

A multi-mode instrument focused rhythm game, built to work with a whole range of compatible Midi and USB instruments. Use the native Midi support to play with real Drum, or keyboard modes.
Every mode can play together in any combination in online or local multiplayer.

The game features a range of game modes, single player, vs multiplayer, coop multiplayer, along with practice modes allowing you to adjust the speed and loop specific sections of songs.

The game also includes some party modes such as last man standing where the song keeps getting faster over time, weakest link where the weakest player will be eliminated each section and turbo modes.

Play any combination of instruments and modes.

  • Real drums - Full MIDI drum kits
  • Advanced drums - Drums compatible with 7+ triggers
  • Basic drums - Drums compatible with 4 or 5 triggers
  • Real Guitar - Full MIDI guitars (post launch)
  • Basic guitar - 5 Fret devices
  • Real Keys - Two handed full range keyboard (post launch)
  • Advanced keys - 2 Octave keyboards
  • Basic keys - 5 Key devices
  • Dance - 4 Direction devices (experimental)

Customise the way you want to play, create backgrounds, pick your board colours, adjust the camera ranging from top down to on the board views.