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Ding Dong VR Review

Ding Dong VR is an app by Adamvision Studios. Ding Dong VR was first published on . It is available for Steam, Other.

This is a VR version of my game Ding Dong XL. This is my first Virtual Reality game so please let me know if there are issues or concerns and I will do my best to address them ASAP. Please expect 'Ding Dong VR' to be a small, re-playable, arcade score-chaser game where the only basic goals are to constantly beat your previous score and unlock a handful of cosmetic skins for the character. This VR version adds 3D depth and effects to make it more immersive while retaining the same one button arcade pace of the non-VR version.
Average time users played non-VR Ding Dong is approx 45-90 minutes

Thank you for taking a moment to read this; I really hope you enjoy playing my game.
Adam Nickerson - Adamvision Studios
Ding and Dong between the top and bottom of the screen as you attempt to avoid obstacles, collect points, and smash helpful power-ups. Try to survive as long as you can!
Pressing the boost button allows you to cross the screen from top to bottom or vice-versa. Wait for the proper timing and try to not hit enemies. Easy one button control with Oculus Touch Controller, HTC Vive Controller, Xbox Gamepad, or the Keyboard.

  • Easy to learn, simple controls on Oculus or Vive Controllers, keyboard, or gamepad
  • VR unique effects throughout including: 3D Depth, Explosions, particles flying at the screen and Menus navigable by pointing
  • Sitting down or standing VR makes it very comfortable for most users to play
  • An endless, fast paced and challenging arcade style game play that constantly gets harder
  • Unlock a handful of unique cosmetic skins for your player, including some from other Nickervision Studios games
  • 'Close Call' system that awards extra points for extremely close calls with obstacles.
  • Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Leader board
  • The in game audio/SFX was provided by my mouth making noises into a crumby consumer mic and some royalty free SFX from FreeSFX.
  • In game song / loops are Difourks - "It's Complextro & Dance"